Morocco - Travel Guide

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A travel Guide of Morocco
Morocco is located in the Western part of North Africa. It lies south of the Strait of
Gibraltar and the Mediterranean Sea, west of Algeria and the Sahara Desert, east of
the Atlantic Ocean and north of the Sahara Desert and Mauritania. Its territory covers
approximately 715,000 square kilometers (447,000 square miles).
Morocco was granted its independence in 1956. It is a constitutional monarchy which
is governed by a king and a prime minister, along with a publically elected parliament.
Its capital city is Rabat.
Morocco is a Muslim state, and its population is colorful and diverse. More than 34
million people live in Morocco. Most of them live in the 4 royal cities: Rabat, Meknes,
Fes and Marrakesh, and in the 3 large cities of Casablanca, Agadir and Tangier.

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