Living a Lie

Rachel San | Orly Krauss-Winer

“Living a Lie” is a novel inspired by the true story of Nicole, a young divorcee who finds herself in a new relationship with a partner who is seemingly perfect in every way. Razi is an academic, a wealthy and successful businessman, and a man of the world, who manages to deceive her and everyone else around him, thanks to his uncanny charisma and captivating charm. Six months into their relationship, icole discovers that Razi is married. Then she finds out that his former business partner committed suicide under dubious circumstances. In spite of everything, Nicole and Razi marry and raise a family, and life looks more promising than ever. Over the years, however, Nicole’s inner voice repeatedly warns her that big things are happening behind

her back. She decides to find out who her husband and the father of her children really is, discovering an endless web of lies and dark secrets about Razi’s life and doings, both past and present. Nicole is a strong woman. Instead of breaking down, she chooses to do whatever it takes to save herself and her children from a destructive relationship, rife with secrets and lies – the likes of which no normal person could ever have imagined.

"Living a Lie" is Rachel San’s first novel, and the 19th publication of Orly Krauss-Winer, a best-selling author whose novels include “Rising”, “A Hungarian Portrait”, “Wolves in the Snow”, “Love and Prejudice”, “Happy in Her Own Way”, and “Famous against her Will”.

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